Saturday, April 12, 2014

Who's Stefani?

She's Nan's caregiving helper!  And boy were we lucky!  She's been with us for over a year now and her attention is all on Nan.  From helping Nan with her shower and pills and feeds to just watching a movie with her, Stefani has allowed me the freedom to enjoy some of my own time.  Which means I get to be in my sewing room ... quilting!!

We're really working hard getting Nan back to where she was before the pneumonia  and the feed tube became our new normal.  We have PT and OT coming for a total of 5 days/week and Stefani participates with them building an exercise program that will continue to build her strength when they release her.  Our OT, Margie, has been introducing us to a program for Parkinson's patients to help their voice stay "big" as well as their steps, arm movements, etc.  We'll have to continue the program in one form or another 7 days/week but I think we're really going to see improvement.  Stefani has become my training partner to make sure we don't slide back from the exercise program.

Here's the gift we gave Stefani at Christmas time.  She had never had a quilt of her own and I think she's really enjoying it. The pattern is Arkansas Crossing from the Quilts from the Heart book by Karin Renaud.

To say we're "thankful" for  Stefani is such an understatement.  We're learned to look forward to her hours with us and depend on her help - probably more than we should.  She has really become a part of my FAMILY! and we're happy her family is willing to share her with us. 


  1. The quilt you made for Stefani is beautiful! You do such great work!