Saturday, May 30, 2015

Two new eyes!

I'm happy to report my cataract surgeries are now complete and I can see again.  What a difference it makes when things are CLEAR again.  It's amazing how much we adapt to changes in our bodies and don't even seem to notice the difference.  I'll get a prescription for distance glasses in a couple weeks, but for now, I'm amazed at how clear everything is to look at and my present glasses (I use when I'm driving) seem to work fine.  We'll see how different the prescription is.

That's it for today!!! (hahaha)

Stefani's getting married!!!

Well, we have a week from today.  Stefani will be a married lady - and off to Aruba for almost  TWO WEEKS.  She is really getting excited and so are we, for her.  For us????  Stefani's sister, Sabrina, works at a care facility and has done the same kind of work for a long time.  She's going to come help with Mom for a few days while Stefani "lays on the beach".  We haven't finalized the exact times she will be here, but I want to make sure Don has some time to get away without worrying if Mom and I have fallen and are on the floor!!!

Stef saw this quilt in one of my quilt magazines and LOVED IT!  Of course, I ordered it right away to make up for a wedding gift.  That was in March.  The kit was supposed to be ready after April 1 and it finally arrived mid-May.  Anyway, it's finished and she got to take it home today.  I think she's pleased!

She hadn't really seen the fabric - just loved the colors and the design.  When it arrived and I read the BELIEVE poem, I knew this was for her!  It says, "SOMEDAY everything will make perfect sense.  So for now, LAUGH at the confusion, SMILE through the tears, and keep reminding yourself that everything happens for a REASON!"  Sounds like good "marriage" and "life" advice to me.

I don't think we'll be able to get Mom in and out of the car so she can attend the wedding, but either Don will stay with Mom and Carin and I will go, or Carin will stay with Mom and Don and I will go.  However it turns out, it will be a celebration day.

I'm thinking it's getting closer and closer to the time we need to raise up Mom's bed and just change and feed her there.  Then she has a better day, and I get to change my mind!  One day at a time - that's the motto!  And I get to say "I love you" every day..  I'm thankful.

On a positive note, Jamie is coming to spend some time with us!!!  She's planning on coming on June 16th (I think) and Don will be leaving for Kalamazoo on the 17th.  His brother, Dale, passed away a few months ago and while they had a service in Florida, his memorial service and burial in Kalamazoo was held off until June 18th.  Mindy is going to be able to go, too!!  She and Don will get together in Denver on the 17th and fly together the rest of the way to Detroit.  From there, they will rent a car and drive to Kalamazoo.  He is going to return with Mindy to Libby, MT., for a few days after the service.  It'll be grand for him to see his sisters and Kit and for Mindy to share this time with him.  I'll miss not being there, but glad the two of them will be able to spend some good time with the Redeker family in Kalamazoo.

I'm hoping life will get back to normal sometime in July!!!????

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mother's Day Sale

Shame on me!!!!  I even had the camera out and ready!  Stefani and Mom helped me put on a Happy Mother's Day sale in the front yard this morning.  What a beautiful day to be outside!  Mom wasn't out there long, but we had a great time.  Don put up a clothesline between trees in the front yard and we had a couple tables decked out with lots of zipper pouches, microwaveable bowls, potholders and kitchen towels.  We hung quilts on the clothesline.  WELL, we only had 3-4 people stop by but they all stopped to ask about quilts.

 We sold 4 and one lady brought back a quilt top in 2 pieces (king size when it's done) that was sewn and quilted by her husband but never put together.  Somehow, I'm going to join the 2 pieces together (I know there must be a way!) and do the binding for her.  She asked me for a price, I gave her one (just to sew the 2 pieces together and do the binding).  She said that wasn't enough especially since I'd be hand binding it - so I told her to pay me whatever she thought was fair!  She DOUBLED it!  YEAH!!!  And that means I'll be going to the quilt shop on Tuesday (they're closed on Monday)!  Oh, happy day!  In case you don't already know - hand sewing the binding is one of my favorite parts of the entire quilting process!  Yeah me!!

NO ONE even looked at the Mother's Day goodies we had but overall we had a successful day and are now looking forward to doing it again next Saturday morning.  Stefani's bridal shower is next Saturday but not until 2PM so we're going to have a sale in the morning.  Then, we'll get to go to the shower.