Saturday, February 7, 2015

Birdhouse quilt is finished!!

AMAZING!  I finally finished the birdhouse quilt!!!!

I was given the squares as a housewarming gift from my friends Teri Chandler and Connie Spurlock back in 2000!!!  They also gave me the white on white fabric and brown post fabrics - all I had to do was finish up the blocks, add some sashing and quilt it!  Oh, and I also made all of the yo-yo's and sewed them onto the birdhouses.  And to think it only took me 15 YEARS!!

I guess there must have been a plan in effect though as I plan to take this quilt with me to Mindy's when I go next week.  They just bought a new bed (for me, of course) - It's a log bed made from wood from the Yak!  I think these birdhouses will look great on that bed and it will be waiting for me to visit the next time, too!

Speaking of my trip, I'm really excited about it!  Mike and Peggy will arrive sometime this week, in time to be trained to help Don with Mom and Stefani will be here most of the week, too.  Anyway, I'm flying off to Kalispell, MT, and then on to Libby for a week playing at Mindy and Kyle's restaurant!  I'm so looking forward to it.  It will be the first time I've been away from Mom for even an overnight, so I'm a little anxious, but still looking forward to it!

THANK YOU Teri and Connie for the quilt squares!  I really love this quilt!!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

ORANGE strings and a new pieced back!

I'm not too great at blogging every day....but maybe just more often??

Here's the newest string quilt - an ORANGE one - I was afraid the white and black would make this quilt SCREAM Halloween, but I don't think so....just ORANGE.  For the back I used an autumn leaf fabric I had in my stash and some orange squares left over from last year's Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. That's the goal, you know, to use up all that I already have.  For this quilt, I purchased a yard of orange, that's all!!

I hate that I'm taking these photos in the living room.  The lighting is SO BAD.  I must concentrate on finding a spot outside - maybe at a park - but then it's hard for me to get out to do that.  But find one, I must!

Here's a new back for a quilt I plan to sandwich and quilt tomorrow. The top is made from Palindromes fabric by Paula Nadelstern and sold thru Benartex.  I found some pieces I've been saving from another of Paula's lines and had fun piecing a back large enough for the top.  I'm kinda feeling bad for using up all this GREAT fabric for a back but I may just have to look at the back more often once it's quilted.  I originally bought this fabric for tote bags and purses.

The turquoise quilt is going off tomorrow but I think I'll be able to take new photos of these two in a few days.  Hope to get better photos.