Friday, July 3, 2015

Happy 4th of July everyone

I know, it's been awhile since I added anything here - I've been busy.  Don and Mindy went to Michigan for Dale's memorial service and then on to Libby - in time for Don to do LOTS of dish washing!  Jamie came to stay with me and Mom while Don was away and I enjoyed her visit!  We aren't sure just how we might make it without Stefani's help - she returned from her honeymoon just in time to be SOOOOO helpful!  Thanks Stef!

Mom is now in Hospice care at home - which means lots and lots of visits by nurses, social workers, a chaplain, etc.  We enjoyed meeting ALL of them and although this is another new "normal" for us, I think our connection with these people will make "normal" easier for us.

Mom has actually been doing well - alert, even sometimes funny!  I'm trying to enjoy all the GOOD times even more than normal.

On the quilting side of my life, here's the latest!  Right timely, don't you think?  Thanks to Missouri Quilt Company for the instructional video!  I love it!  and will surely do another with red/white pinwheels.

I received a "convo" on Etsy the other day from a lady who wanted me to make a special lap quilt for her Dad.  He turns 90 on August 1.  My Dad would have been 90 on August 2!  I think this is one of those times when special things come to you for some reason.  I knew from the first convo I was going to make this quilt for her Dad!  I even ordered fabric yesterday!!!!  Didn't get the confirmation I was going to make it until today.  Needless to say, I'm looking forward to making this one!  Photos to be posted when it's done.

More later - I have to pin a SPECIAL quilt for one of my favorite people today.  Photos when it's done.