Friday, April 24, 2015

Premier of the GO Cutter

Happy Birthday to me!  I can today officially write about my birthday gift from my new Accuquilt GO Cutter!  It's really cool - have completed my first scrappy quilt made from 2 1/2" squares cut with the cutter - much faster and more accurate than using my rotary cutter!  I posted photos of it yesterday.  Today, I'm making pinwheel squares with half-square triangles made with the cutter!  Here's my cutter, me winding the die through the cutter, and the end result!

I'll reveal the pinwheel quilt soon!

Thank you dear family for thinking of me!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beautiful mountain morning...

There are benefits to living most places in this world probably, but here are a couple of photos taken from our gate and from my living room that surely share just why I love it here in Nevada.  If you get the entire photos, you'll see across the field the Starbuck's roasting plant - not allowed to put any smells into the air :(  I thought it would be a GREAT idea when they built it to have a kiosk out in their front drive selling coffees or or even a syringe hookup to save time!!
 We actually had RAIN yesterday - everyone was so excited!  It didn't last very long but we did get wet!!  Much needed!

Here are a few photos of the newest Jacob's Ladder quilt since it's now completed.  I really like it!  The last one has a back side view of Beau (he wouldn't cooperate with me) but you can see his new haircut!  SO cute!!

I've been working the last few days on some excel work for Mindy.  I've enjoyed it as a change of pace, but my quilting has taken back-seat for a few days.  I have another quilt I'm quilting now.  Looking forward to sharing photos once it's complete.

I'm planning to have a Mother's Day craft sale in our yard this weekend (but Saturday looks iffy).  I'm making signs and organizing all the finished stuff I have - in case we can do it on Saturday.  If not, I suppose we can do it on Friday/Saturday next week, still in time for Mother's Day.

I really need to "share" some of my finished projects with others and I'm hoping this will be the way!  More later....

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

I'm such a LUCKY girl!!!!

It's almost another birthday for me....I'm not so sure I LIKE that bigger number but then, not much I can do about it either!  My family surprised me with a WONDERFUL early birthday gift!  Here's the firsts result

See all of the small squares?  They are actually 2 1/2" squares and I cut them with my NEW Accuquilt Go Cutter!  SO much fun and much quicker and easier on my hands than the old way.  It's really FUN to cut with the cutter (more photos of the actual cutter in action I'm hoping for tomorrow) and it's surely something I wouldn't have purchased for myself! 

Big THANK YOU's and loving hugs to my family for the wonderful gift!  Jamie and Ernie, Mike and Peggy, Mom, Cathy and Gary, Carin, and Mindy and Kyle!  I love you all!!!  I'm now pulling out LOTS of fabrics to cut more squares and half-triangles.  No telling just how much trouble I might be able to get into!!

This pattern is called Jacob's Ladder - I'm loving it!  The black with pink dots is the left-overs from a quilt I made for Marianne's 60th birthday - we're not saying how old she is today!!!  Anyway, it's really girly and I love it!

And, of course, Beau had to be in the center of the quilt!  He loves all of my tops as they are finished!  Time for a haircut Beau!!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

New quilts to share

Okay, I almost completed this post and then deleted the entire thing!!  Maybe someday I'll be an expert at NOT deleting??

Anyway, I think I forgot to post final photos of my "Palindromes" quilt, made from a "jelly roll" of that name- fabric by Paula Nadelstern for Benartex.  I've had the jelly roll in my stash for awhile and decided I needed to do a half-square triangle quilt so I paired the jelly roll with another "white" one and voila....

I love the deep, righ colors in this one.  It's hanging in the family room at the moment so I can enjoy it!!  Notice the loom standing next to the first photo?  Perhaps this spring I should get that out and finish up the warp on it!  How many years ago now did I do all of those "looper" rugs?  I think I have enough loopers for another couple rugs and I'm SURE there's enough warp for at least another couple!  We'll see...

And now for the latest.  This is one of the string quilts I just love!!  This one in medium gray to white for Cheryl and Larry.  I've been planning it since I returned from Montana.  Their new home is contemporary - lots of white and crystal - I did get the info from Cheryl that she was going to accent one wall of the entry with a light gray - so here we are!  I'm hoping they will like this quilt and enjoy it for years to come in their new home.  AND, remember just how much I enjoyed my recent visit and our getting to know each other while I was there.