Saturday, December 26, 2015

Kami's Quilt

Kami is Stefani's niece - she's 10.  Her Mom, Sabrina, helped us with Nan while Stefani was on her honeymoon!  Anyway, Sabrina asked me to make a quilt using some of Kami's baby clothes and I, of course, said YES!  I cut and cut and cut - for over 3 days, to get LOTS of pieces and then Sabrina and I started putting squares together.  It was such fun!!!  Anyway, here's a photo of the quilt - finished finally on the 24th - just ahead of the deadline!

Sometimes, these special "challenging" things just help to make the day!  This is one of those.  I'm finishing lounging pants for Josh, Ren Brown, Zach and Carin (talk about challenging, I promise to NEVER attempt lounging pants again).  The best part of the day consisted of Ren Brown and I redoing their lounge pants.  AND, she did most of the sewing!!!  YEAH!!!!  Also Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt is in full swing although part 5 was published today and I'm still on part 4.  I think I'm really going to like this one!  Black/white/ gray, golds and reds.  No photos until the final reveal, but I'm hoping I'll have mine to share sometime shortly after that!

I'm planning on a very fruitful, happy and pleasing 2016 - probably not too financial, but you can't have everything!!!  My hope for all my family and friends (although most don't see the blog) will  be for them to have a wonderful 2016 and know that I love them all!!!!