Tuesday, September 27, 2016

More quilts for Stefani's and Mindy's babies!!

How is it that so much time seems to pass between my blogs?  Oh well, time is here for another.  Stefani is having her baby today (or tomorrow). She's being induced later this afternoon or early evening.  Here's a photo of her from last week:
Mindy doesn't think she'll EVER get this big - but then, she still has a couple months to go.

I have these quilts to get to Stefani after her baby is born - since they didn't want to know the sex of the baby - and I did- they can't be delivered until she gives birth to this little GIRL!

I just love this little owl quilt - with Momma and her 3 babies.  The backing is flannel so it'll be nice and soft.  I did an overall meander quilting.  I liked it so much, I've made a second for Mindy.  I'll hopefully do some specific quilting as I'm taking some Craftsy classes to learn more.  I'll use the same flannel on the back of that one.

Here's another 30's quilt made from a charm pack - I wish I had been more selective of the light colored charms but hopefully, it'll be used so much it'll fall apart someday.
See what I mean?  Some of the charms are really faint!!

And then, there are these - extra bibs and burp cloths for this little girl!

I also have a little Dolly scrappy quilt, made with scraps from an earlier quilt I made for Stefani - I'm not sure it was for her niece or a friend's baby - but I think it'll go to Kenzi - for her babies - that's Stefani's niece.  I'll deliver all of these at the same time - probably tomorrow?

Now, I'm on to more Mindy quilts.  Here's a charm-pack quilt - trimmed in purple -

It's like Stefani's orange one.  No Minkie on the back of this one - just some lavender solid.

And here's the 30's "windowpane" quilt I backed with red Minkie - I'm happy with how it turned out and hope Mindy will like it, too!

Here's the latest of our photos of Mindy - she is progressing....:)
She says her tummy is "rolling" now and that people who come into the restaurant simply ask - "when are you due?" instead of "are you pregnant".  She's tired - probably working too hard - but this is one of the prettiest smiles I've seen on her face for some time now.  (back room at the restaurant shown here).

Long post but now I'll have memories of all these quilts.  Getting ready to finish up a few more and will save them for another day.  I'm really ready to enjoy these baby girls.  Can't wait to hold them!!