About Me

I'm the mother of three daughters and they have given me 13 grandchildren!  The eldest of my daughters has 10 by herself (along with her husband of course).  All but two of the grandchildren live a long distance from me:(  I decided in August, 2013, that it was time to make all of them new quilts (they have rag quilts I made for each of them but that was a long time ago).  I also decided I'd use up LOTS and LOTS of scraps and fabrics I already have (funny me!)  I did use a lot of fabric...but I hardly made a dent in what I have.

My hubby and I are caregivers now for my Mom who is 85.  She fell and broke her hip in July, 2012, and she came to live with us.  I always felt I would take care of her when the time came as I didn't want her in a nursing home.  We're glad we made that decision and her needs fill our days sometimes, but we are glad she's with us. 

Quilting really IS my therapy.  Sewing and quilting, designing something new and seeing it completed FEEDS me - the feeling of accomplishment is beyond description.  This blog is really a place for me to journal what I've been doing (and when) so I can look back if I forget!! (That probably should be changed to read "when" I forget.)

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