Saturday, August 9, 2014

Whoa! It's been awhile...

I can hardly believe it's been sooo long since I've added to my blog!  Sometimes things just happen to make life go by so quickly..

I've been making lots and lots of aprons for Mindy and Kyle's restaurant - fun!  Some have been for the wait-person (Connor) but most have been for Mindy and Cheryl.  Actually, I haven't stopped yet!  Yesterday I put 4 full aprons up on my Etsy store - had real problems taking photos (my phone actually took better photos than the camera!). 

I'd like to say I'll have the occasion to try to sell them at craft fairs this fall...but I doubt that will happen.  

Mom has been doing well and keeping us busy.  Stefani has been taking time off here and there to have some fun but will be doing some Wednesdays in the next couple weeks to make up the time.

Here are photos of the aprons I placed on Etsy

I actually cut out a couple that will be made from oilcloth I purchased at Craft Market yesterday.  They'll be for washin' dishes and I think they should work well...I'll keep my fingers crossed. 

I also found a cute, bright vegetable/fruit fabric there and cut a couple aprons out from it today, too.  I'll have to get back to quilting soon but for now this has been a great "break" plus I haven't really had time for much quilting.  More later -