Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Bouquet quilt

Just finished yesterday is this quilt top I started a few years ago, finished the top and set it aside until I had the "funds" to have it professionally machine quilted - or I'd have to hand-quilt it myself!  I  found it yesterday in a pile of tops completed - but not quilted.

So...since I'm such a great meander quilter now, I thought I'd give it a try and finish this one up.  These photos were taken in the living room/cutting room this afternoon and the sunlight leaves a LOT to be desired.  However, I thought I'd post the photos anyway as it IS a finish. 

I still LOVE this fabric!  My friend Linda's Mom pieced a top and had it quilted by her church quilting group.  It's on my bed today.  This is also a fabric we used LOTS when were in the business.  I have lots of quilt designs in our boards using this fabric.  Someday, I'll use them to decorate my bedroom.  It's so feminine - so ME!  haha

Today I finished the top for Stefani's sister - I used the same pattern as for Amanda's quilt although not nearly as large and we used a black fabric in the middle crosses that has a ton of ladybugs on it.  I should have photos to add showing it in a few days. 

After that, Amanda says I need to make more quilts that will be for sale.  Well, if you know anyone interested in one of my quilts, please let me know!!  My ETSY store is awaiting me!!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Zach's Finished Quilt - and a wall hanging

Boy, have I been sidetracked!!  Lots going on here and by the time I get to the computer, it's too late for me to concentrate.  I know those of you who know me know that's NOT easy for me on a good day!

Here are photos of Zach's finished quilt!  I'm really proud of how the meander quilting came out on this one - hardly ANY skipped stitches - I guess I should know the secrets after so many quilts!

I've made two extra tops (not as large of course) from the leftovers.  I think this combination is very masculine - all of those earth-tones.  I'll finish them up soon and probably add them to my Etsy store. 

While cleaning the other day I found an entire stack of pieced tops - not sandwiched or quilted yet.  This wall hanging was among them.  It was actually finished but I had only done a few straight lines of quilting and the entire center of the quilt (my only attempt at watercolor quilting) was un-quilted.  I had never been too fond of this one so I simply put it aside.  The other day I meander quilted the white areas with a small meander stitch and added larger meander quilting to the wreath.  Now it's hanging on the wall above my ironing board so I can look at it often.  I really like it now.

Margie (our O.T.) has a new project for me.  Her son is getting married this fall and they LOVE Harry Potter stuff.  We found some VERY EXPENSIVE out of print fabric, she ordered it, and I get to design a table runner.  Look for more about this soon (I hope).    She found the fabric on EBAY and because it's out of print, the pricing was outrageous.  It was printed by Spring fabrics so it's probably in lots of Walmart stores for a really cheap price.  But then, we really don't want to know!!

I'm also working on the quilt for Stefani's sister and hoping to finish my birdhouse quilt (the squares given to me by Connie and Teri when we moved into this house in 2001).  It'll be wonderful finishing it up and I plan to use the other wool batting I bought inside it.

That's it for today.