Sunday, June 29, 2014

Summer Bouquet quilt

Just finished yesterday is this quilt top I started a few years ago, finished the top and set it aside until I had the "funds" to have it professionally machine quilted - or I'd have to hand-quilt it myself!  I  found it yesterday in a pile of tops completed - but not quilted.

So...since I'm such a great meander quilter now, I thought I'd give it a try and finish this one up.  These photos were taken in the living room/cutting room this afternoon and the sunlight leaves a LOT to be desired.  However, I thought I'd post the photos anyway as it IS a finish. 

I still LOVE this fabric!  My friend Linda's Mom pieced a top and had it quilted by her church quilting group.  It's on my bed today.  This is also a fabric we used LOTS when were in the business.  I have lots of quilt designs in our boards using this fabric.  Someday, I'll use them to decorate my bedroom.  It's so feminine - so ME!  haha

Today I finished the top for Stefani's sister - I used the same pattern as for Amanda's quilt although not nearly as large and we used a black fabric in the middle crosses that has a ton of ladybugs on it.  I should have photos to add showing it in a few days. 

After that, Amanda says I need to make more quilts that will be for sale.  Well, if you know anyone interested in one of my quilts, please let me know!!  My ETSY store is awaiting me!!


  1. The quilt is beautiful and you did a wonderful job of quilting it! Thanks for sharing your finished quilt.

  2. Thanks Judy - I always look forward to hearing from you!