Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Another few finishes....

How time flies!  I've been busy with Mom and other things lately but I've finished up 3 more pieces.  This first one is for Stefani's sister for her 30th birthday (oh, how very young that sounds!).  It's another string quilt ( like Amanda's) but we centered each square with a strip of red ladybugs on a black background for this one.  Ladybugs have special meaning to these girls, reminds them of their Dad who passed away a few years ago.  I quilted it with a black/red variegated King Tut thread and I love the way it looks.  

My photos are terrible...especially the one of the overall quilt - I'll try to take more when Stefani is working on Thursday as I really need to take them outside!  The red looks black!!

I already know I MUST do another of these string quilts - and in black and white - they are so striking!  This one measures 60" x 76".  A great lap quilt.  I hope Sabrina will like it.  

These next 2 quilts I made with the leftover fabrics from Zach's quilt.  I used the same pattern but one is made with 4.5" finished center squares and the other is 3.5".

This is the smaller of the two - it measures 44.5" x 53.5".  A great lap quilt.  I think I'll also advertise it as a wonderful wheelchair size. 

Here's  the third.  It measures 55" x 66" - just a little larger but still a great lap quilt or "cuddle up with a good book or movie" quilt.  I really love the back of this one.  I used a great "autumn trees" fabric I found last Christmas time.  I made Mindy a totebag with this fabric but still had lots left over, almost enough for the back of this one. You can see from the photos I needed to add a strip to the backing fabric - I used a burnt orange piece I had from ????  I think it finishes well.

I've also been doing some aprons - both full aprons and utility aprons for Mindy and Kyle to use at their restaurant!  I'm having fun making some different things and Mindy and Kyle are liking them and they should get lots of use!!

I'll try to post photos of some of them soon.  


  1. Very cool string quilt! I can see why you want to make another! Good luck!

    1. Thanks Jen - and thanks for reading my blog! I'm new at this and it's wonderful when I see someone actually shared it with me!

  2. Visiting from Plum and June's Blog Hop. Nice to meet you! I'll be a no-reply blogger because Blogger and Blogspot do not play with Wordpress, but don't worry about replying. There isn't anything I can do about it. Lovely red and black quilt, and I like the autumn trees quilt too. Autumn is my favorite time and color palette.
    Carole @ From My Carolina Home

  3. Your quilts are awesome and your quilting is fantastic! Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts!

  4. Thanks Judy! How are the grandkids quilts doing?