Thursday, April 23, 2015

Beautiful mountain morning...

There are benefits to living most places in this world probably, but here are a couple of photos taken from our gate and from my living room that surely share just why I love it here in Nevada.  If you get the entire photos, you'll see across the field the Starbuck's roasting plant - not allowed to put any smells into the air :(  I thought it would be a GREAT idea when they built it to have a kiosk out in their front drive selling coffees or or even a syringe hookup to save time!!
 We actually had RAIN yesterday - everyone was so excited!  It didn't last very long but we did get wet!!  Much needed!

Here are a few photos of the newest Jacob's Ladder quilt since it's now completed.  I really like it!  The last one has a back side view of Beau (he wouldn't cooperate with me) but you can see his new haircut!  SO cute!!

I've been working the last few days on some excel work for Mindy.  I've enjoyed it as a change of pace, but my quilting has taken back-seat for a few days.  I have another quilt I'm quilting now.  Looking forward to sharing photos once it's complete.

I'm planning to have a Mother's Day craft sale in our yard this weekend (but Saturday looks iffy).  I'm making signs and organizing all the finished stuff I have - in case we can do it on Saturday.  If not, I suppose we can do it on Friday/Saturday next week, still in time for Mother's Day.

I really need to "share" some of my finished projects with others and I'm hoping this will be the way!  More later....

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