Thursday, February 5, 2015

ORANGE strings and a new pieced back!

I'm not too great at blogging every day....but maybe just more often??

Here's the newest string quilt - an ORANGE one - I was afraid the white and black would make this quilt SCREAM Halloween, but I don't think so....just ORANGE.  For the back I used an autumn leaf fabric I had in my stash and some orange squares left over from last year's Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt. That's the goal, you know, to use up all that I already have.  For this quilt, I purchased a yard of orange, that's all!!

I hate that I'm taking these photos in the living room.  The lighting is SO BAD.  I must concentrate on finding a spot outside - maybe at a park - but then it's hard for me to get out to do that.  But find one, I must!

Here's a new back for a quilt I plan to sandwich and quilt tomorrow. The top is made from Palindromes fabric by Paula Nadelstern and sold thru Benartex.  I found some pieces I've been saving from another of Paula's lines and had fun piecing a back large enough for the top.  I'm kinda feeling bad for using up all this GREAT fabric for a back but I may just have to look at the back more often once it's quilted.  I originally bought this fabric for tote bags and purses.

The turquoise quilt is going off tomorrow but I think I'll be able to take new photos of these two in a few days.  Hope to get better photos.

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