Sunday, January 18, 2015

PINK string quilt for Sharon and a pillow

How fun!  Here's another one of those string quilts - this one pink.  Sharon is a Mary Kay lady and has been a friend for many years.  She gifted me bags of fabric, books, etc., when she decided she wasn't going to quilt anymore.  She knows I love to gift my work to lots of different causes. 

She's an organizing, clean person.  (Someone has to be, right?)  Me, I hang on to EVERYTHING for EVER...actually, I've been planning to get rid of "things" someday soon, but we'll have to wait to see if that ever happens.

I listened to a time management speaker years ago who said the way to clean off your desk was to simply swipe EVERYTHING into the garbage!  IF there were possibly any papers you actually needed or a bill that needed to be paid, etc., someone would let you know.  I laughed at the time but now I find that probably makes a lot of sense.  I'll let you know.

I'm trying to get to boxes of scraps I have accumulated to strip them to useable size and get back to making some real scrappy quilts.  They may have to wait just a little longer as I want to try an ORANGE centered strip quilt.  If I can get it finished soon, I'll have  quilt surprises for Carin and Cathy for their birthday - my VALENTINE's girls. We'll see!!!

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