Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mother's Day Sale

Shame on me!!!!  I even had the camera out and ready!  Stefani and Mom helped me put on a Happy Mother's Day sale in the front yard this morning.  What a beautiful day to be outside!  Mom wasn't out there long, but we had a great time.  Don put up a clothesline between trees in the front yard and we had a couple tables decked out with lots of zipper pouches, microwaveable bowls, potholders and kitchen towels.  We hung quilts on the clothesline.  WELL, we only had 3-4 people stop by but they all stopped to ask about quilts.

 We sold 4 and one lady brought back a quilt top in 2 pieces (king size when it's done) that was sewn and quilted by her husband but never put together.  Somehow, I'm going to join the 2 pieces together (I know there must be a way!) and do the binding for her.  She asked me for a price, I gave her one (just to sew the 2 pieces together and do the binding).  She said that wasn't enough especially since I'd be hand binding it - so I told her to pay me whatever she thought was fair!  She DOUBLED it!  YEAH!!!  And that means I'll be going to the quilt shop on Tuesday (they're closed on Monday)!  Oh, happy day!  In case you don't already know - hand sewing the binding is one of my favorite parts of the entire quilting process!  Yeah me!!

NO ONE even looked at the Mother's Day goodies we had but overall we had a successful day and are now looking forward to doing it again next Saturday morning.  Stefani's bridal shower is next Saturday but not until 2PM so we're going to have a sale in the morning.  Then, we'll get to go to the shower.

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  1. Sounds like a success to me! Glad to hear mom got to be a part of it.