Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's the Beginning...

It's the beginning of my new blog...WELCOME.

I've thought about writing a blog for some time now, and since my brother Mike is here from Maine I decided to take advantage of him and finally BEGIN. 

Recently, I finished 10 quilts for Cathy's children (my eldest daughter by 6 minutes).  They live in New Mexico and I don't get to see them as often as I'd like but I decided last August it would be great to send them some lovin' from their Grandma. 

My plan was to use up some of my fabric stash and also use some fabric that might be special to each of them.  I will say I used up quite a bit of fabric making these 10...fell in LOVE with scrap quilting, but I still have LOTS to use!! 

The first is Nick's quilt since he's the oldest.  I used Bonnie Hunter's pattern Bricks and Stepping Stones and included musical fabrics as Nick loves his guitar.  The quilt measures about 65" x 83".
Nick's Front - see the guitars?

Here's the back - I had a layer cake of music fabric

 I quilted Nick's using a meandering stitch on my Brother 1500S - I love this machine, and my quilting has really gotten better with every quilt.

 Next is Chris's quilt.  Again I used one of Bonnie Hunter's designs, 4 Patch and Furrows.  Chris likes Marvel comics so I used that fabric on the back.  No creativity here, but I hope Chris likes all the busy-ness on the back.  It measures 68" x 83".
Marvel comics on the back

4 Patch and Furrows
Chris's quilt has the least quilting as I wanted to highlight the furrows on this one.  

Andrew's is another of Bonnie's patterns, Dancing 9 Patch.  I love this one - so fun.  Bordered with Buzz Lightyear - his favorite!  It measures 68" x 92".  I meander quilted this one, too.
Dancing 9 Patch with Buzz

Left over Buzz for the center!
Joe's is another Bonnie Hunter, Scrappy Trips.  It measures 69" x 93".  I really loved this pattern and making it was FUN.  I'm sure it will be one I repeat in the future.
Lots of color - and fun

Seems my backs got more and more creative - love it. 

Emily is the first girl in the family.  She loves orange!  This pattern is Disappearing 4 Squares and it's the only quilt in the 10 that I purchased all of the fabric.  It measures 59" x 75" and it sure is ORANGE!
I love how the colors POP on this one

Left over 4" squares added to the back   
I meander quilted Emily's, too.  

I'll save the last 5 quilts for tomorrow.  My purpose in listing the quilts is to have a journal of my finished projects as well as the story along the way. 

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