Tuesday, April 8, 2014


I received a call from the hospital speech therapist this morning to schedule a swallow test for Nan.  She and our home speech therapist will set up the schedule.  As for me, I'm really excited and encouraged by Nan's progress.  Her transfers and walking trips to and from her bed are one-person help again  YEAH!

By the way, in case someone other than me reads this, a little explanation of who Nan is.  She's my Mom!  When Cathy and Carin were little they called her Nannie (They had a Nana, too) and as they grew up that was shortened to "Nan".  I remember when we would visit Mom when the girls were little, my brother would often say when he had children, they would NOT call her Nan....well they all do and so do we!  My Mom has many names, the legal one is Jessie (she doesn't like it much), her nickname was Toni (her dad called her that and she likes it).  But we all call her Nan.

Quilting related:  I've started work on Zach's and Amanda's quilts.  I should be able to take photos of some of the squares soon.  Here are a couple other projects (purses) I've made recently.  These are great as there are 8 pockets on the inside and one on the outside.  I've actually sold these to people who where going to use them as diaper bags and overnight bags (they are roomy) but I use mine as my purse.
Stefani's bag

Raylena's bag

I love making things that are practical and useful.  What do you think?

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