Sunday, April 6, 2014

The QUILT at the Top of the Page

This is a double Irish Chain pattern by Eleanor Burns.  It's HUGE - I think it measures about 94" x 114" or something like that.  I made it for Mindy (our youngest) and our SIL KyleI think I started it about 2007 and finished it last fall.  It fits on their queen sized bed all the way to the floor!  The applique was designed by Kyle and featured in our old business as Celtic Hearts.  I loved the design and since I'm always drawn to applique, I used that method here.  I must admit my applique skills are at the beginner level - but I completely enjoyed the process.  This quilt I hand quilted.  That's part of why it took so long to complete.  Now all three of my daughters have quilts I hand quilted.  I hope they'll enjoy them for a long time!!

Mike and Peggy left this morning :( and although it was hard to see them go, I kept reminding myself they can't come back until they leave.  They'll take about 5-6 weeks to get back to Maine and they certainly deserve a restful trip home.  We so appreciated their help while they were here and Mom thrived with all of the attention!  She loves to just sit and listen to us as we visit and tell stories - and we did a lot of that!  Enjoy the trip home you two and know we'll be following the blog to see where you are!!

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