Tuesday, April 15, 2014

One more quilt..

Well, maybe 2...This first one I just SOLD through my Etsy shop -  It was purchased by a gentleman in New Jersey who took it to Japan to give as a gift.  Now I'm even more international as one of my first quilts went to Denmark and I sent a few to Australia.  Tooting my own horn, I know.  The only thing wrong with Etsy is that there are SO MANY items for sale, your item gets lost!!  I'm pleased to have sold it though.

I love red/white/blue quilts!  This one I used a cream instead of white so it really looks "Americana".  I just found another one in the current Fons and Porter magazine - designed to be a Quilt of Valor - and I'll be checking my stash of red/white/blues to see if I might just have enough.  (more later on that)

Here's the second photo.  This one is called Trade Winds and I used a beautiful Hoffman jelly roll plus more cream.  I just happen to have a new jelly roll in blue/tourquoise that I might just have to make up in this pattern with white (or maybe a sand color which would identify it as "beach"?)

And here's a photo of our Beau with hair

and ready for summer!

More tomorrow - thanks for looking!

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  1. Congrats on selling your beautiful quilt and Bea is adorable with a haircut!!