Friday, April 4, 2014

Grandkid's Quilts (Part 2)

Grandkid's Quilts (Part 2)

 Here's Ben's quilt - another Bonnie Hunter design, Incredible Scrappy Bargello.  I enjoyed making this one too.  Lots of pieces and the top took longer than normal, but I think the result is wonderful.  The quilt measures 67" x 87".

Ben's front - bordered with frogs
Ben's back - lots of his favorite GREEN

Beth's quilt is another favorite - I love the 30's reproductions.  I thought I'd use up lots of my stash - but alas I still have lots more.  Beth's quilt pattern is 54-40 or Fight blocks plus Shoo Fly blocks.  I can't put my finger on the book at the moment but I'll edit it when I find it.  Beth likes purple and "girly" stuff and I think this does the trick!
Beth's quilt - measures 58" x 76"

Nathaniel is into Marvel comics too and his favorite color is blue.  This one is Arkansas Crossroads and measures 60" x 76".
Nathaniel's Arkansas Crossroads

Matthew likes Spiderman and Red.  I used Bonnie Hunters Dancing 9 Patch again.  This one measures 57" x 57".
Matthew's Dancing 9 Patch
Matthew's back

Lastly, we come to William's quilt.  It measures 50"x62" and is from Quilts from the Heart by Karin Renaud called "Center Squares".  Spongebob Squarepants is highlighted here.
Lots of SpongeBob fabric in this one!
The back of William's quilt.

So that's it!  10 quilts made by a loving Grandma!

I have two more to make - Amanda and Zach.  Patterns are chosen, fabric organized, and I'm ready to go!  (I made Connor's quilt last summer, his actually started the 13 - but I can't find the photos.  I'll keep looking so I can add his quilt here too.)

And more later, as I work on Amanda's and Zach's.  

We had good words from Nan's primary doctor today, too.  So, that means ALL IS WELL WITH ME!!


  1. From in blog, your PIA brother sent me to your blog. Really nice quilts! Glad you are now blogging.

    1. Thanks Nan. Mike says you said he couldn't possibly be a PIA!!? From his older sister...YES HE CAN. Although not really.