Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Nan had her swallow test on Friday - and passed with flying colors.  We can now give her back some of the food she has been missing.  Only in little amounts as we over-did it on Friday and we're sorry we did!  

We're going to talk with Bobby (female) her speech therapist, today about how to add food along with the feeds to make sure she isn't losing any of the pounds we've been able to add lately.  

She seems to have come out of the cloud the pneumonia put her in and I'm thankful for that too!  We're watching for any cough and will have the nurse check her lungs weekly - pneumonia is still the concern.

I've been back to sewing a bit lately.  Finished a baby quilt for giveaway (I'm looking for a good place locally) and have all the squares for Zach's and Amanda's quilts ready to sew together.   Zach has installed new "stuff" in our computer so we now have Windows 7 (instead of SP) - everything seems to run better and I'm so glad we have a "computer tech" in the family.  He's so good to come see us and FIX things while he's here.

Here are photos of squares finished for A's and Z's quilts.  I hope to get them to top "stage" soon!
Amanda's squares are the second photo, Zach's is first - I'll get this blog stuff yet!!  Here's a photo of what's on my design wall today.  I've made enough squares for 4 baby quilts - all will go in my pile to give to some babies soon.

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