Friday, May 2, 2014

Updated photo

 If you've visited here before, you'll notice, I'm sure, that the photo at the top of the blog has been changed.  Mindy noticed that the colors in the photo I used weren't very could hardly tell the colors were green and white.  Anyway, she used her great camera to take new photos of the quilt on her bed.  Even Giggsy, the 3 legged dog, couldn't resist getting in the photo.  I liked it so much better, so she changed it for me.  Not that I'm computer challenged or anything....

I've been working on Amanda's quilt today.  The center and first border are together, and it looks AMAZING!  I decided to add 2 more borders and the middle border is pieced so it's taking me awhile to get the squares finished.  I'm really proud of how this one is turning out.  I've decided if Amanda doesn't really like it, I'll make her another one and KEEP THIS ONE FOR ME!!

I should be able to post photos tomorrow as I think Stefani will be returning then.  She has had strep throat this week and I decided she didn't need to give any of those bad germs to Nan (or me for that matter).  

I'm off to work on squares for a pieced border for Zach's quilt next.  I think this one is going to be gorgeous too.  I wonder if I'm sounding a little prejudiced - no, probably NOT!  More tomorrow.

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