Friday, May 30, 2014

Another finish...

I forgot to include this finish from last week.  My Celtic Solstice is finished!  This is a mystery quilt project I followed on Bonnie Hunter's site last winter.  It was such fun doing each week's "chore" and I was thrilled with the final design.  Couldn't hardly wait to see what the next week brought with it!!

I used one of my wool battings for this one, Cathy will be happy about that!  I gave it to Don as he has been complaining recently about the number of quilts I make to give away and the fact he has none.  (Not really true, but he DID give the last one I made for him to Zach because it was too long for him!??)

I quilted this one with an overall meandering stitch using a variegated thread from Superior Threads.  I LIKE IT!

I've also, I think, mastered the problem of skipped stitches with my Brother 1500.  Stretch needles, feed dogs down all the way, and  set the stitch length all the way down.  Works much better!  Thanks to Google for the lead to the information I needed.
The quilt is certainly NOT PERFECT, I learned a great deal - especially about making sure my seam allowances were perfect (not quite there yet)I'm hoping my next mystery quilt will be more perfect!!

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