Saturday, May 24, 2014



 Finally, 3 new finished quilts to add to my store.  I really could just KEEP all three and Mom has decided she has uses for all give as someone...sometime...

The first one is monkeys trimmed in blue polka dot and green polka dot triangles.  SO cute.  The backing is "water" along with 4 rows of scrap triangles made into squares.  Really proud of myself here - used up almost ALL the scraps.
The second is from some leftover squares of the Farmer's Market fabric .  I remember I bought BOLTS of all the fabrics (I think there were 32 in the line - or something like that!).  I made lots of quilts from the fabric, sold LOTS of it in our booths across the country, and now I'm down to only scraps!  But they make beautiful quilts don't ya think?
The third is from a group of seersucker fabric Liz found for me at a thrift shop (I think).  I love this collection, everything girly.  And thanks to Liz, at a very good price!
They are all three adorable and Nan keeps saying she has someone to give them to????  Speaking of Nan, her pulse rate has been in the 40's and 50's lately so we have a cardiologist appt on June 6th (I think) to see about a pacemaker - our next step in this journey.  Hopefully, she'll have a lot more energy and really be able to see her progress!  The Dr. thought she was doing LOTS better than she should be with such a low pulse rate.

Amanda's and Zach's quilts are ready to quilt but I've been having some skipped stitches in the little ones and I'm afraid to tackle the big ones without some advice from friends.  Hope to hear  more about that real soon!!  Amanda and Josh are coming up next weekend I hear and I'd like to have her's ready for her to take  home and USE!  Photos as they are available....

Just for Judy's info, here's a photo of the "monkey" quilt (applique) I made for Rebecca's (our PT) baby last October I think.
Enough for today - I'll try to blog more often but progress has been slow lately. 


  1. Great job sistah! Don't let Nan "buy" your quilts ... She can't afford it!

  2. Oops, I, of course, didn't mean she planned to "buy" the quilts - just give them away. But thanks for the positive thoughts anyway! Haha

  3. Great job on all of your quilts! My favorite is the one made from scraps from the Farmers Market fabric. Thanks for sharing these beautiful quilts!

  4. Thanks Judy - I appreciate your positive words!!