Sunday, May 4, 2014

Amanda's Quilt Top is Finished!

 Finally!  Amanda's quilt top is finished and ready to quilt!  Now the only problem is HOW to quilt it?  I've considered using white thread, then black, maybe gray?  The white areas are so crisp and clean looking - they almost shimmer - and I think black would take away from that.  If I use white, it'll REALLY show up in the black areas.  I'm considering doing a meander in the black areas (working on the diagonal) and then doing something with white thread in the white areas?  Any ideas?  All will be appreciated!  I'm so happy with how this top turned out!

You can almost see that I pieced the white border with white strings like in the blocks.  It sure adds more interest than using plain white  - that was my first plan.

I'll add the first border to Zach's today but need more fabric to do in the added borders.  Ordered it today - nothing like having to WAIT again!!??


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  2. Beautiful! I would use white thread in the white areas. What about a flower design in each white block?