Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Remake of Stefani's brothers comforter

Recently Zachary (Stefani's brother) found a comforter among items his father had saved for years - his Ninja Turtle quilt!  It was well worn, the backing shredded and the batting bunched up - instead of just tossing it, he asked Stefani if she'd see if I could "fix" it!  Stefani did all the seam ripping to separate the pieces, we bought new backing fabric and batting and here's the result!  Now Zachary will have the quilt from his youth (he says he got it as a gift when he was 2!) for many more years to come.  They lost their father about 5 years ago so that makes this special too!  I'm honored to have been able to "fix" it for him!  I hope this quilt will help keep him warm....and bring him comfort, too!!

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