Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Orange Owls and Foxes!

Finished the first of many quilts for Stefani's baby!  I've had the top finished for a few weeks but hesitated to bat and quilt it because of the Minkee on the back.  Minkee is so soft but it's polyester instead of cotton and stretches one way and is kinda tough to feed through the machine for free-motion quilting.  Anyway, I put it aside for awhile - procrastination!  I checked out a few u-tube videos with tips for sewing with Minkee and decided to jump in and finish it.  I used that spray basting stuff I put aside to give to Jamie as I had decided I didn't like it but the videos all referred to using it.  Worked like a charm - now I don't have them in my Jamie box anymore. - sorry Sis!

I spray basted the layers and pinned like crazy and used a stretch 90/14 needle and although I did have to work harder to get the quilt to move around in my machine, it worked well - no shifting of the Minkee and no puckers!  I'm proud of it.  and I doubt it will the the last time I use it to back a baby quilt.

I used all the left-over triangles to make the flying geese triangles in the border - that was fun!!

I have been told that I can now share the news that Mindy and Kyle are pregnant!  She is at about 14 weeks or so, I have the first photos in my possession, and she saw the midwife she's hired to help her through everything the other day and was able to listen to the heart beat again.  Her doctor is rather new to Libby but has a great reputation for working with "older" pregnant Moms and Mindy and Kyle like him.  We've been a little anxious through her first trimester but are feeling more confident now.  I can't really express just how JOYful I feel, I really want to uproot myself and my sewing machine and stuff to be in Libby with her.  I have to remind myself I'm just the Grandma here .....


  1. Congratulations to all and our hopes and prayers for a smooth pregnancy. Being "just" the Grandma is a wonderful thing!

  2. Thanks Peggy - that means a lot to me! and thanks too for reading!!!

  3. Congratulations Grandma and congratulations to the parents too! Your quilt is awesome! Love that you used minkee on the back.