Sunday, October 5, 2014

Quilts Ready for Weed, CA

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday.  I was able to purchase a new Ott light floor model yesterday at 50% off minus 25%.  Great buy!!  Once we figured out how to get it to work (Don, of course, came up with a way to "snap" in the light bulb thing.)  Anyway, it works GREAT and I can see so much better at my sewing machine now.

Here are photos of the quilts I have finished to send off to Jamie for the people of Weed, CA.  This first one is a scrappy bargello, one of my all-time fav designs by Bonnie Hunter.  It's backed with FROGS and lilypads.  So cute - I had to return to Craft Market to purchase the last 2 yards on the bolt.

The second is like the one I did for Zach except really scrappy.  The back fabric is puppy dog paws!  Love the bright colors here...and check out the binding - doggie bones!

The third is a scrappy front and CATS, CATS, CATS on the back!

And this little one - a "girly Ballerina" - It is adorable however, the fabric is much coarser than 100% cotton should be.  I bought AN ENTIRE ROLL of it for our ballerina project back in the day...and I have a rather large roll left!  I did wash this small quilt though and it does seem SOFTER.  This fabric has a silver sparkle to it - which became part of a couple of Don's shirts, too.  Don't tell him...but I'll bet it's REALLY CUTE on him!
The hearts are appliqued onto the quilt and are made of chenille.

I finished the top for Margie yesterday.  Hope to get it sandwiched and quilted tomorrow!  I'm liking it...hope she does too!

And as a final note today, I checked with "Tony" the mobile repair guy.  He's coming to check out my Bernina.  The needle has been offset since I caught the cord with my foot and down we both went - that was probably a couple years ago.  I'm looking forward to being able to zigzag again (funny, I know).  Tony thinks it'll be fixable as part of the overall cleaning, etc.  I hope so!!!

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  1. Great Job sister. I have always thought your needle was offset ... Just a little.