Friday, September 19, 2014

Harry Potter finish, and Reef Plus...

Two new quilts to show today.  I finished my Harry Potter piece, made for Margie's son and new daughter-in-law, as Margie (our O.T. for Mom) leaves us again today:(  I always have a heavy heart as she leaves us but know that she'll return if/when we need her again.  This time is different though, as she is moving on to a new company!!!  She purchased  some Harry Potter OOP (out of print) fabric that we found on Ebay and I designed around it.  Of course, I put the piece out of my head for a couple months because I knew it would be a challenge.  Not sure just why I always do that, I do SO enjoy the challenge once I get to it!  Here are a couple photos:

And here's the back - I used the balance of that really expensive fabric!!!
I must say I'm pretty pleased with just how it turned out.  I added a hanging sleeve to the back and a label for William and Victoria - it will be a Christmas gift from Margie and her hubby!  She's promised to let me know if they like it. 

The next finish I'm calling Reef Plus, as it is a Tonga Batik fat quarter pack called Reef plus some (7) colors from my stash.  It's going into my Etsy store.  

Here's the back - again I used up all of the scraps (although part of me wishes I hadn't!!
Margie now thinks she needs a quilt for herself so my next quilt will be a throw sized one using the Wine Tonga Treat 6-pack I have.  More on that later.

Actually, with all the fires in Weed, CA, I'm making up a few small scrap quilts to send to Jamie so she can get them to groups helping those affected by the fires.  Both the Catholic and Presbyterian  churches there have burned to the ground, but I'm sure there will be centers somewhere in town to help those affected.  I actually attended the college in Weed some almost 50 years ago.  What happy memories I have of that town.  I hope those who have lost so much will soon be on their feet again!!!


  1. I really like your "reef plus" quilt. The design and colors are beautiful!

    1. Thanks Judy!!! I love getting comments from you!