Thursday, September 4, 2014

No New Quilts?????

What, no new quilts to share?  That's right!  I've been making lots and lots of Aprons - both for Mindy & Kyle's new restaurant wearing, and some, too, for sale.  I kinda got carried away with them - fully lined and ready for work!

On my design wall to finish is a wall hanging/tablecloth/small quilt (46"x46") for Margie to give to her son and new daughter-in-law for Christmas.  Their wedding was all in Harry Potter colors and theme - so we found this fabric (really expensive as it's out of print) and I've had fun designing this:

AND I had a special order of two crocheted rugs (believe it or not!).  Don wasn't too happy with me for accepting the order but I had TWO weeks to finish them and didn't rush.  My hands did well, no pain.  And they are beautiful....I may have to do a heart one for at my kitchen sink and a large oval for in front of the stove.  BUT, I'll be sure to take it slow and easy.
NOW, I'm getting back to quilting.  Here's the latest (only two rows on my design wall in this photo but I'm adding borders to the completed top today.  
I have a thing for batiks at the moment.  I couldn't help myself from purchasing a few "6-packs" of batiks in colors called "Boysenberry", "Cabana",  "Napa",  "Harvest" , "Punch", and this one is "Reef".  I have great plans for each and I just purchased a roll of batting (on sale at 50% off minus 10% plus free shipping) so I'' have plenty for some new quilts.  

Oh how the stacks grow - I'll have to find some of these for charity quilts.  That'll be fun.... 

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