Thursday, October 16, 2014

Jobs are finished!

Okay, quilts for Weed and 20+ microwaveable bowl sets are off to Jamie and aprons are off to Mindy.  Now I can get back to something else.  Stefani has been sick since Wednesday (when she was going to work to replace this coming Saturday as she wants to go to Six Flags) so I haven't really had much time to concentrate on anything.  Hopefully, she will be better by tomorrow.

I have some quilt tops that have been sitting, waiting for backings, etc., so they can become QUILTS - I'm hoping to concentrate on getting a few of them completed.  I've really been trying to get the "piles" under control lately - this should help!!

Our weather has been crisper - it's about 60* now with some "saucer" clouds outside.  Mom is sitting at the front window enjoying the warmest spot in the house - right under a heater vent.  We have Pandora playing and she's "resting" her eyes.  Ah, what a life!!

Don's going to watch Nan for me so I can get to the quilt store.  I need to find a yellow fabric for Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt.  This one is pink, blue, green and yellow and is in honor of the Grand Hotel in the UP of Michigan.  It'll be 88"x88".  Nan of course thinks EVERY quilt is for her - and if not, she'd like to be in line for it if whoever doesn't like it....quite funny.  This one just may go on MY bed - one never knows????

No photos today, everything's boring..but I'll get back to work now!

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