Monday, September 21, 2015

For my FAV

Well, as fate will have it, My FAV (Favorite Aunt Vallie) fell and broke her hip (the same
as the left hip Mom broke) a little over a week ago.  She lives in Red Bluff, CA, and was visiting with Jamie while at a craft show in Red Bluff.  I'm so very thankful Jamie was there as Aunt Vallie had been living alone most of the time! 

Anyway, she is now in rehab and we're praying for a quick recovery.  Here are a few photos of the quilt I'll be sending her way.  I'm hopeful as she continues through this recovery, this quilt will bring her comfort and warmth and that she'll know just how loved she is!!!

You will always be my FAV Aunt Vallie!  Always in my thoughts and prayers as  you work hard to get better!!!


  1. Once again, Marcie, you made another beautiful quilt! I am praying for your Aunt Vallie. So glad you continue to make post to your blog.

  2. Beautiful quilt Marcie and you aunt will love it!! Praying for her speedy recovery.