Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas everyone!

I hope this finds you all well and enjoying Christ's birthday.  We had 10 for dinner last night - Carin's friend Tom and his boys Jackson and Connor joined us plus Carin, Zach, Amanda and Josh.  It was a full house and since Josh arrived to help with dinner, all went well.  I think even Nan enjoyed the evening!!
Amanda and Josh brought crab and sourdough bread from San Francisco to add to our prime rib.  It was wonderful!!  I think Carin, Zach, Amanda and Josh will be coming back tomorrow for french dip sandwiches  - so we'll enjoy the left-overs, too.

Stefani (Nan's caregiver) brought over a suitcase a few weeks ago.  It contained squares and pieces her great grandmother had sewn.  She asked me to make a quilt for her Mom from some of them.  There was a large, completed top too.  I quilted it and bound it for a completed quilt for her Aunt and then the real work began.  There was a top started - only a couple rows.  There were lots of started and completed squares also in the suitcase.  She helped me completed enough squares (lots of seam ripping here) and I finished up a quilt for her Mom.

Aunt Kelly's completed quilt

And one for Stefani's Mom!

It was a pleasure making these quilts and I know her Mom and Aunt will cherish the work started by their grandmother and finished by Stefani and me!


  1. Finishing the quilts was a lovely gift of your time and talent. How wonderful!

    1. Thank you Carole - the response to the quilts was as good as it gets. I think sometimes this is WHY I quilt! Thanks for checking out the blog!!